We Will Get You Back On The Trails. 

If you’re a snowmobiler, you have plenty of reasons to love winter. Taking your snowmobile out on the trails is wonderful way to spend a snowy day. To make sure that your snowmobile lasts for years to come, and that it performs at its peak even on challenging terrain, you need to keep it well maintained. We offer a range of snowmobile repair and maintenance services so that you’ll be ready to take on the trails every winter.

Experience with the biggest brands

Over the years, we’ve serviced a wide array of snowmobiles from a number of manufacturers. We’re experienced and capable of carrying out service and repairs on snowmobiles from Polaris, Skidoo, Yamaha, and Arctic Cat, among others.

We’re well stocked with snowmobile parts

One of the issues that can hold up snowmobile repairs is locating replacement parts. It can be easy enough to identify a problem with your sled, but sourcing the component you need to get it back up and running again can be time-consuming. We have a large inventory of quality used parts, and we’re able to source new parts quickly so that repairs can be done both promptly and professionally. After all, you don’t want your snowmobile to spend more time in the shop than it does in the snow.

A range of snowmobile services

We know that snowmobiles are complex machines with a number of vital pieces all working in unison to provide you with a comfortable ride. With that in mind, we’ve gained experience providing a variety of repair services:

Track replacements – the snowmobile track needs routine checking to ensure there are no missing or bent clips. A number of missing or damaged clips in a row could cause the track to derail.

Engine rebuilds – while many snowmobile repairs can be relatively small fixes, an aging or heavily used engine might need an overhaul to power your sled properly. We can rebuild engines so that you’ll be able to take on demanding trails with confidence.

Suspension work – if you ride on bumpy terrain, your suspension may be in need of a fix-up. We can identify suspension problems and make repairs so that you can have a smoother ride.

Tune-ups – riding your snowmobile responsibly and following its maintenance schedule are excellent ways to keep your sled in top condition. If you need a tune-up as part of your maintenance schedule, or if you just haven’t had one in a while, we can give your snowmobile the care it deserves.

Protecting your snowmobile during the off-season

When the weather warms up and you need to store your snowmobile for the off-season, we can give it one last check and tune-up so that you won’t have any surprises when you bring it back out. To protect your sled when it’s not in use, we can perform a visual inspection on major components like the skis and springs to make sure nothing is showing signs of wear and tear. If we do come across some damaged parts, we can carry out repairs before you store your sled so that you won’t lose any riding time when winter rolls around again.

No matter the size of the repair job, contact us for all your snowmobile servicing needs.